Hillary leads Trump heading into debate


Headed into their first debate of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton stubbornly clings onto a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in the Candidate Clash Gameplay Poll.

As of 8 a.m. PT Monday, Sept. 26, Hillary had a shade under 59% of votes earned in the Candidate Clash game, where presidential candidates battle political enemies and race for votes. Donald Trump had nearly 41% of votes.

Votes are earned when any player collects a vote token within the game AND completes their current level. Players collect no votes from losing level.

Backers of the sickly, email-challenged Democrat had worried the introduction of “Rigged Mode” — where each earned vote counts twice — could swing the race to the self-proclaimed billionaire and would-be bringer of nuclear holocaust Donald Trump. But those fears have not yet come to pass.

clownrun_00003Trump does command a comfortable 3-to-1 lead in in-app purchases. More players have opted to bedeck the Donald in a colorful clown costume, than to dress Hillary in a stylish orange jumpsuit.

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