Farewell, Candidate Clash

With Western Civilization on the verge of a Cheetoh-hued collapse, the lifespan of a goofy iPhone game isn’t the most important topic.  But for anyone playing at home, we have retired our flagship game, Candidate Clash.

A moment of silence, please.

True to its fake-news roots, our gameplay poll was dead-wrong. Hillary was ahead 58,578 to 42,764 by the end.  Ah, what might have been … (We’re guessing four years of increasingly elaborate pantsuits, endless/fruitless impeachment hearings and a whole lot of shoulder-shimmying.)

We’ll bring an archived version of the game back to the app store one of these days. First we have to tear out the Parse back-end, and make some updates.

In the meantime, we’ll always have our sweet, sweet memories…

Here’s an old-school version of the game, back during the primaries, when we still had hopes for our nation’s future:

Later, we ditched the also-rans and made it just Hillary vs. Trump.  You could also buy some lovely costumes for the nominees (an orange jumpsuit for Hillary, a clown costume for the Donald.)

This next game will be a little different, but in the same vein (as an older L.A. guy with slightly dated pop culture references, I’m obligated to describe that vein as “The Daily Show” meets “Angry Birds”.)

Farewell, Candidate Clash.  Thanks for getting me started.