What the hell is a POTUS?

My first iOS game launched about a month ago.  It has gotten pretty-good to downright-giddy feedback from everyone who’s taken a look.  But not enough people were taking a look.

Without (and sometimes with) a yuuuge media budget, there’s always the danger of a good app getting lost in the App Store.  It’s hard out there for an indie dev and all that.  But I was making discovery much harder by picking an obscure name:  POTUSpalooza.

POTUS = President Of The United States. People know that, I thought, right?  Or at least people would remember it after hearing it.



A few weeks ago, an old pal in New Jersey got her coworkers playing the game and they really liked it. But no one knew how to pronounce the name, let alone what it meant.

Last weekend I was in the Apple Store waiting for a genius to fix my wife’s balky MBP.  

I was playing with an iPad Pro and Pencil when a guy working there asked what I did.  I mentioned my game.  He was interested so I whipped out my phone and he started playing. This guy seemed genuinely excited about the game, said he couldn’t wait to download it on his next break and asked what it was called.

It took three tries for him to spell it correctly.

This is a guy who had gotten a nice look at the game and decided, “yep, I want this.”  Maybe he was being friendly, but he also said he’d tell his friends and coworkers about it! But, like a lot of people, he tripped over the name.

It’s hard to generate word-of-mouth buzz when most mouths can’t pronounce your word.

So, better late than never, I’m rebranding the game.

Out with POTUSpalooza.

In with … Candidate Clash.

If you’re inclined to take a look, please do: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/potuspalooza-primaries/id1078099338?ls=1&mt=8. A bigger, better general election sequel will be out soon.

Now if only I could do something about Colligan, my phonetically spelled last name which is routinely pronounced Culligan, Cole-again, Collagen, etc.

Kevin Clash, maybe?