Just in time for the latest Constitutional crisis, I’ve soft-launched a new website:

It’s a curated roundup of the best Trump-related, Resistance-friendly comedy. You know: Kimmel, SNL, Real Time and all those Daily Show alums.

I’m also hoping to find more unique, indie fare as well. Like. This. Gold.  (If you know of some  Trump vids, please share!)

Please give it a gander if you’re so inclined and let me know what you think.


Farewell, Candidate Clash

With Western Civilization on the verge of a Cheetoh-hued collapse, the lifespan of a goofy iPhone game isn’t the most important topic.  But for anyone playing at home, we have retired our flagship game, Candidate Clash.

A moment of silence, please.

True to its fake-news roots, our gameplay poll was dead-wrong. Hillary was ahead 58,578 to 42,764 by the end.  Ah, what might have been … (We’re guessing four years of increasingly elaborate pantsuits, endless/fruitless impeachment hearings and a whole lot of shoulder-shimmying.)

We’ll bring an archived version of the game back to the app store one of these days. First we have to tear out the Parse back-end, and make some updates.

In the meantime, we’ll always have our sweet, sweet memories…

Here’s an old-school version of the game, back during the primaries, when we still had hopes for our nation’s future:

Later, we ditched the also-rans and made it just Hillary vs. Trump.  You could also buy some lovely costumes for the nominees (an orange jumpsuit for Hillary, a clown costume for the Donald.)

This next game will be a little different, but in the same vein (as an older L.A. guy with slightly dated pop culture references, I’m obligated to describe that vein as “The Daily Show” meets “Angry Birds”.)

Farewell, Candidate Clash.  Thanks for getting me started.

Hillary leads Trump heading into debate


Headed into their first debate of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton stubbornly clings onto a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in the Candidate Clash Gameplay Poll.

As of 8 a.m. PT Monday, Sept. 26, Hillary had a shade under 59% of votes earned in the Candidate Clash game, where presidential candidates battle political enemies and race for votes. Donald Trump had nearly 41% of votes.

Votes are earned when any player collects a vote token within the game AND completes their current level. Players collect no votes from losing level.

Backers of the sickly, email-challenged Democrat had worried the introduction of “Rigged Mode” — where each earned vote counts twice — could swing the race to the self-proclaimed billionaire and would-be bringer of nuclear holocaust Donald Trump. But those fears have not yet come to pass.

clownrun_00003Trump does command a comfortable 3-to-1 lead in in-app purchases. More players have opted to bedeck the Donald in a colorful clown costume, than to dress Hillary in a stylish orange jumpsuit.

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Book: iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (5th Edition)

From time-to-time, I’ll list the resources I’ve used — and still use — as an iOS developer. These are what worked/work for me. Your mileage may vary.

Looking for a good book to get started building iOS apps? Start with iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (5th Edition).

Be sure to get the 5th Edition, which is updated for Swift, Apple’s new programming language. (The previous version is in Objective-C.)

This is a general iOS development book, so if you just want to build games, there are better first choices (more to come on that.) But you’d do yourself a favor to also buy this book to get a stronger grasp of how all the iOS pieces work together.

If you want to go all-in on Swift, the Big Nerds also have a book dedicated to the language. But the magic of iOS development is less the language and more the SDK, the Xcode IDE and the huge ecosystem of APIs available. The iOS Programming book will get you started, and you can learn more Swift and/or Objective-C later.

This is a not a lean-back book. You’re meant to read it in front of your computer as you bang away at Xcode. So if you get the print edition, you might also want to get a book holder/stand thingie. If you get the ebook, remember that Xcode takes up a lot of screen real estate, so you’ll be flipping back and forth between windows or lugging along a separate device for reading.

There are pros and cons of both approaches. I’ve got dead-tree versions of the Big Nerd Swift and Objective-C books, and a Kindle version of this title. (One unintentional benefit of Kindle — copy-and-paste is kind of a pain, which is good because you really oughta type out code.)

Here’s what others have to say (head to your fave bookseller for reviews if you don’t enjoy reading from cramped iframes):

The above is scraped from Amazon. It's subject to change and user-generated, so take it with a grain of salt.

What the hell is a POTUS?

My first iOS game launched about a month ago.  It has gotten pretty-good to downright-giddy feedback from everyone who’s taken a look.  But not enough people were taking a look.

Without (and sometimes with) a yuuuge media budget, there’s always the danger of a good app getting lost in the App Store.  It’s hard out there for an indie dev and all that.  But I was making discovery much harder by picking an obscure name:  POTUSpalooza.

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